«2 x Christmas»

By purchasing a «2 x Christmas» gift parcel at coop@home you are directly supporting the Swiss Red Cross’s «2 x Christmas» campaign. Your donation your assistance directly benefits needy people in Switzerland. Gift parcels are available from coop@home for CHF 20, CHF 50 and CHF 100.

This is how the donation works: simply put the gift parcel you would like to buy in your shopping basket. The gift parcel will not be delivered to your home. coop@home will collect all gift parcels donated until 12 January 2020. The products in the gift parcels will then be collected with all other donations made to the Swiss Red Cross and these will be taken to the Swiss Red Cross logistics centre in Berne. You will of course receive a thank-you card as confirmation of your donation.

The Swiss Red Cross guarantees that your donation will be distributed to families and individuals who rely on aid, in cooperation with social services and other charitable organizations. Your gift is an important and valuable source of relief those in need.

Choose from the following «2 x Christmas» gift parcels at coop@home:
«2 x Christmas» Gift Package valued at CHF 20
«2 x Christmas» Gift Package valued at CHF 50
«2 x Christmas» Gift Package valued at CHF 100

If you would like to order just a gift parcel from coop@home without any additional purchases, just click on "Give this product as a gift" when reviewing your order summary (to void the minimum order value):


«2 x Christmas» is a campaign organized by the Swiss Red Cross, SRG SSR, Swiss Post and Coop.

Thank you, on behalf of the Swiss Red Cross, for your donation.

Additional information about «2 x Christmas» can be found here.

«2 x Christmas» is a project:

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