Abbaye de Mont Mont-sur-Rolle Rouge AOC

Pinot Noir, Garanoir, Gamay

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Wine information


Waadt, Switzerland


Pinot Noir, Garanoir, Gamay


L'Abbaye de Mont



Goes well with

Dried meat, hard cheese, wild game

Degustation notes

Dark ruby colour, a beautiful berry nose that blossoms into supported notes of wild strawberries and slight woodiness, spicy notes, a return to berry notes on the palate, with good body and structure, full of character; a powerful wine.

Special notes

Wine-growing community on the Coast that benefits from an AOC. 141 hectares of vineyards dominated by Chasselas (92%), 6% Pinot Noir and Gamay, as well as white and red specialties. With 36 hectares spread over five prestigious estates, the City of Lausanne is the largest public vineyard owner in Switzerland. The vineyards are cultivated in an integrated production mode that emphasizes the protection and respect of the environment. An often short size is complemented by a severe limitation of production. Since 1803, aftera cellar tasting, the wines are sold at a public auction which takes place on the second Saturday of December at Lausanne's Town Hall.

Alcohol content


Drinking temperature


Optimum maturity


Original packaging

Box of 6


Natural cork


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