Pro Specie Rara Naturaplan Organic Explorer Box

A new and exclusive offer from coop@home: an exciting selection of traditional native vegetables, in  the Explorer Box by ProSpecieRara, containing only organic products.

Delighting curious gourmands.

Since 1999 Coop has been working with the biodiversity label Pro Specie Rara. Biodiversity and the preservation of traditional species plays a key role in Swiss farming culture. ProSpecieRara products are available exclusively at Coop and allow the consumer to rediscover old Swiss varieties and support farms which use traditional agricultural methods.

Enjoy delicious organic specialities and try old varieties with their distinctive colours and shapes, not to mention their taste, which stays totally authentic thanks to the gentle organic farming methods. Choose to cook seasonal, organic and natural meals with the Pro Specie Rara Naturaplan Bio Explorer Box. You get all the variety of the farm directly on your plate.

The Pro Specie Rara Naturaplan Bio Explorer Box:

  • 2kg rare Swiss vegetables for only CHF 16.50
  • All vegetables are Swiss organic quality
  • Enjoy exclusive Swiss specialities at home at the click of a button and support the diversity of Swiss agriculture

Working to maintain traditional diversity: Thanks to ProSpecieRara, traditional heirloom crops and rare livestock breeds are being preserved.

Contents of the current Organic ProSpecieRara Explorer Box:

Carrots Küttiger, ca. 500gSwitzerland
Potatoes Blue St. Gallen, ca. 500gSwitzerland
Red Beets Chioggia, ca. 500gSwitzerland
Panais , ca. 500gSwitzerland

Their origin may vary from the one that is indicated, depending on the season, product availability and specific production during the transition to organic agriculture.