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Swiss kirsch made from Swiss cherries. Sweet cherries from high-stem trees are the best-suited cherries for distillation. Special equipment is used to ferment the destemmed, carefully hand-picked fruit. Pure yeast cultures ensure even fermentation of the sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide. Following fermentation, the must is stored for a further few weeks to ensure optimum flavour development. The must consequently reaches an alcohol level of between 6% and 8%. The challenge facing the distiller is to achieve a clean separation of lower-quality pre- and post-distillate from the main distillate, the latter being the essential distillate with an alcohol content of between 60% and 75%. Finally, demineralized water is used to re-dilute the desired distillate into the finished kirsch. Berghof Kirsch owes its characteristic aroma and taste to a distillation method specialized by Lateltin. It is therefore richer and more aromatic than other kirsch products, but consequently also has a slightly sharper mouthfeel. 40% vol. 500ml/350 ml.


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Berghof Kirsch wird nach einem speziellen Lateltin Verfahren destilliert, was ihm seinen charakteristi-schen Geruch und Geschmack verleiht, d. h. Berghof Kirsch ist intensiver und aromatischer als andere Pro-dukte, dadurch aber auch etwas schärfer im Mund.

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