Mini Gourmet Sandwiches 24 Pieces

CHF 45.00
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4.59 /100g

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  • Switzerland


Specialty bread (grain flour [wheat, rye], water, rapeseed oil, walnuts, yeast, iodized salt, wheat groats, eggs, malted flours [barley, wheat], wheat gluten, skimmed milk powder, rye groats, glucose, wheat starch, whey powder, dried sourdough [rye], acerola powder based on manioc starch, wheat gluten, butter, sugar, sodium hydroxide [E 524], egg powder, milk, flour processer [ E 300]), cheese, double-cream cheese preparation (milk, manioc starch, salt), cucumbers, pork meat product "gypsy ham" (pork meat, nitrite salt [salt, preservative [E 250]], glucose , stabilizer [E 450], spices, spice extracts, antioxidants [E 301]), smoked ham (contains preservatives [E 250, E 252], artificial flavors, antioxidant [E 301]), mayonnaise (contains eggs), egg product, tuna fish products, tomatoes , pickles (pickles, table vinegar, water, salt), horseradish preparation (contains milk protein, thickener [E 412], acidifier [E 300, E 330]), dried figs, spices, onions, sour cream, starches, lemon juice, salt, egg yolk powder, mustard, basil sauce "pesto" (rapeseed oil, basil, parsley, cheese, feta cheese, sea salt, rice flour, thickener (E 415), spice extracts, lemon juice concentrate.

Information for allergy sufferers: See highlighted ingredients


Various rolls filled with ham, egg, Brie, tuna, tomato-mozzarella and ham


Catering products must be collected in store


Refrigerated: After purchase, store at max. temp. of 5 °C


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    Average rating: 5.0 of 5 5.0

    Bon et variés, le tout est parti trop vite... prévoir un peu plus que d'habitude!