Experience raclette differently

As one of the most famous Swiss national dishes, every winter raclette can be found at mealtime throughout Switzerland. The delicious warm and gooey cheese doesn't just warm the stomach but the heart as well. The popular melted cheese slices gather the whole family around the small raclette grill.

Potatoes, pickles, garlic, sausage and bacon are traditionally served, alongside the melted cheese. But raclette has much more potential than just melted cheese. Curious raclette enthusiasts will love the following ideas to use their favourite melting cheese.


Not only raclette cheese can be melted
If you want to use your raclette grill but are not in the mood for raclette cheese, or maybe you just want to try something new, keep in mind: Almost any cheese can be melted. How about a raclette Caprese for example? Just cut the mozzarella cheese in slices, put it on the grill and serve with fresh cherry tomatoes and basil. Gorgonzola cheese is also delicious when melted. Especially combined with sweet melon, a little honey, and ham. Mini Babybel are a popular alternative to raclette cheese. Simply peel the red packaging off, put the miniature cheese wheel on the little pan and enjoy eating it toasty and melted for a change. Surely a real cheese fanatic will come up with a lot of other exciting ideas to use their raclette grill. Especially soft, creamy cheese are to be recommended.

Fruity freshness
Some of you may have already incorporated apples or pears with your raclette feast. But more exotic fruit can be combined with melted cheese as well. With their alluring sweetness, fruit like pineapple, banana, figs, melon or mango bring exciting new flavours to the table. A fruity cheese dish can be complemented with walnuts.

Alpine mac and cheese
A more savoury meal would be the combination of the famous cheese with pasta. Raclette cheese can be used as a substitute for a cheese sauce. Just pour the melted raclette cheese over precooked macaroni and garnish with fried onion and bacon. This might actually be even better than the original mac and cheese. Naturally one can use melted raclette cheese to garnish all sorts of pasta. Additionally, the dish can be refined by adding herbs, onion or spices.

Vegi heaven
Instead of putting sausage and bacon on the raclette grill, a broad assortment of vegetables, rich in vitamins and fiber, can be an alternative. Mushrooms, zucchini, peppers, eggplant and almost anything you can think of putting on a veggie-skewer, can be sliced and grilled. Precooked vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower can be garnished with melted raclette cheese as well. Vegetarian, tasty and healthy.

Pizza di Raclette
The perfect mix of Swiss and Italian culinary culture. Roll out pizza dough, cover it with raclette slices and put it in the oven. If you want to go for the real pizza experience put various pizza toppings like ham, pepperoni, tomatoes or mushrooms on as well.

The Raclette-show
To impress your guests and unleash your inner raclette gourmet, you can heat a whole raclette cheese block with a culinary torch and scrape the freshly melted cheese over a dish of roasted potatoes, vegetables and steak. To put on a little culinary art show, wait until the dish is served and then heat and scrape the cheese in front of your guests. The melted raclette cheese can complement pasta, meat, potato, and vegetable dishes.

In conclusion, creativity can go a long way in the preparation of a raclette meal. If you like to try out new ideas and combine different flavours, the famous Swiss specialty dish is perfect for your food experiments. Healthy, hearty, exotic or traditional, raclette is a delicacy, that, especially during the winter season, you shouldn't miss out on.

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