The Market – Why is it good to buy Naturaplan Demeter biodynamic meat packs?

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Our Demeter meat packets ensure that all the meat from an animal is used. Slaughtering on demand ensures less meat is wasted and results in more sustainable meat production.

Your advantages:

  • Animal welfare: The cows are kept according to the highest standards of animal welfare. For the first 4-5 months of life they are given fresh milk and live in a free-stall barn with outdoor access. After this initial period they are slowly weaned to more hay and grass and have daily access to the pasture in the summer.
  • No additives: Our meat products are 100% natural and thus free from nitrite curing salt and other additives.
  • Quality: Our meat is aged according to the highest level of quality standards so you can be assured that it will taste excellent.
  • Transparency: You know exactly where your meat comes from.

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