The Market – How do I order a Naturaplan Demeter biodynamic meat pack?

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Choose a meat packet from our assortment. The following choices are available:

  • Family Pack: Minute Steak, Braised Steak, Lean Stewing Meat (Ribeye or Neck), Strips, Ragout Thigh Meat, Ground Meat
  • Tasting Pack: Ribeye, Minute Steak, Strips, Ragout, Ground Meat
  • Deluxe Pack: Entrecote, Minute Steak, Strips, Braise (Shoulderpoint or Shoulder Fillet), Ground Meat
  • Gourmet Pack: Entrecote, Rump, Minute Steak, Strips, Braise (Shoulderpoint or Shoulder Fillet), Ground Meat
All meat packets including their specific contents

Add the desired meat packet to your shopping basket. Meat packets must be ordered seperately from the rest of your shopping due to differing lead times (but you can always save your groceries as a list). As a result of the demand-related slaughter, a new meat delivery takes place approximately every four weeks. In the detailed view for each meat packet, the next available delivery date is included.

Your meat packet will be delivered to your home by Swiss Post, at the designated date and time. Trophy points or other stamp offers are not awarded with the purchase of meat packets.

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