The Market – How are the meat cuts included in the Naturaplan Demeter biodynamic meat packs packaged?

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After slaughter, the meat is aged by specialists for around 4 weeks. Then the individual cuts are vacuum packed in portions of two servings, labelled and placed into a cardboard box. This packet measures 32.1 cm x 26.1 cm x 13.2 cm.

The meat packet is kept cool at all times and is delivered to your home by Swiss Post (Trophy points or other stamp offers are not awarded when you purchase a meat packet). To ensure the cooling chain is unbroken, we package your meat packet in specially insulated transport boxes filled with cooling elements and dry ice.

Since the meat is delivered cold but not frozen, it can be frozen at home once received.

As we slaughter on demand and deliver approximately every four weeks, unfortunately customers cannot order Naturaplan Demeter biodynamic meat packet along with their usual weekly order. Delivery is always separate.

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