Can I return empty PET bottles and used carrier bags?

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Yes, you can return empty PET bottles, used carrier bags and the protective boxes to your coop@home driver or parcel delivery person, conveniently and free of charge.

Recycling empty PET bottles
Along with your coop@home order, add a free PET bag (which you will find in the “Freebies” category). Fill the bag with your empty, squashed PET bottles and hand it to the coop@home driver next time you receive a delivery.


If your order is delivered by the Post, please put your empty PET bottles in used carrier bags, as full PET bags do not fit in the orange Post delivery boxes.

Recycling used carrier bags and protective boxes
You can tie the surplus paper bags and cardboard packaging together (keeping the bags and cardboard packaging separate). You can use a normal string or a paper bag for this. Give the entire bundle to your coop@home driver or parcel delivery person when you receive your next delivery.

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