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Cat food – lots of brands at coop@home

Finding cat food that your cat likes can be a challenge. Many cats are extremely picky. Some only want fish and will spare nothing more than a disparaging look for rabbit, while others only eat wet food and won't touch anything else.

Regardless of your cat's preferences, you're sure to find what you're looking for thanks to the extensive range at coop@home.

Wet food for cats – with different ingredients

Wet food is very similar to the diet cats would have in the wild. Despite the lack of skin and bones, high-quality cat food contains all the nutrients cats need. It is also incredibly moist. Whether you choose cat food containing poultry, salmon or beef will primarily depend on the preferences of your cat.

Aside from the taste, some owners also look for food that meets their cat's special requirements. For example, some manufacturers offer special food for castrated cats as these cats are more likely to gain weight. And special food that is high in energy is great for young kittens. In the same vein, a lighter food is more advisable for older cats. Generally speaking, cats tend to require less energy the older they get.

There are also other types of special food that are more gentle on the digestion or contain ingredients that support urinary tract function.

Finding the right dry food for your cat


One of the main advantages of dry food is that it stays fresh for longer. This is very practical if your cat likes to eat a little and often. However, dry food contains very little moisture, so your cat must find other ways to hydrate itself. Cats tend not to drink very much but instead get their fluids almost exclusively from food. To prevent your cat from becoming dehydrated, you can alternate between dry and wet food. Some cats prefer dry food, however, and won't touch wet food. We offer a whole array of dry foods for our more discerning feline customers.

Regardless of which type of food you give your cat, you should always be sure to put out enough water. The best approach is to place several water bowls around the house – but not right next to the food bowl. In the wild, cats don't eat and drink in the same place. Order drinking bowls and other cat accessories at coop@home at the same time.

Other types of cat food: snacks and cat milk

No doubt your cat loves the odd snack, whether it's a chew stick, crunchy treat, liquid snack or cat milk. There are certain situations where cat snacks are very practical, for example treating your cat between meals, as a reward during training or for hiding medication. Cat milk is classed as both a snack and a food supplement. However, your cat should always be given water to quench its thirst. Adding a dash of cat milk to the water bowl will encourage lazier cats to drink.

Buy cat food online and explore the entire range

Discover the range of cat food at coop@home. From main meals to snacks and an array of special food types, we have everything your cat could want to eat. Buy your cat food conveniently online and save time. Instead of having to look for everything in the aisles, you can quickly place the items you want in your shopping basket. You'll find virtually everything at coop@home – from cat food to vegetables and detergents. We deliver your shopping straight to your door – either with our own drivers or with Swiss Post.




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