Information about the current situation

Switzerland is currently facing an exceptional public health situation. Consequently, coop@home is receiving an unusually high number of orders and the choice of delivery time slots and product availability is limited. On this page we have compiled the most important information that you should know.

What is the situation regarding delivery dates?

The more stringent measures announced by the Federal Government have greatly increased the demand for coop@home services. As a result, our delivery availability has been fully booked in many areas.
New delivery dates are added every day. If you cannot find a free delivery date when you complete your order, please try again a bit later. Until then, you can save your shopping cart as a list and complete your order as soon as a delivery date becomes available.

Can I see if there are any free delivery time slots before I start my order?

Yes, you can check delivery availability before you start your shopping. Once you have logged in, enter a delivery address on the right hand side below your shopping cart. Once the delivery address is defined, you can select a delivery time.
The delivery time slot you selected will remain reserved for you for half an hour.

When will I receive a response from Customer Service?

The increased order volume coop@home is experiencing has also impacted our Customer Service team that is receiving an abnormally high number of requests. Our response times both for phone and email are longer than normal at the moment. We are doing our very best to serve all our customers as quickly as possible and thank you for your patience.

Can I make changes to my order after it has been confirmed?

Again, due to our increased order volume, it is unfortunately not possible to make changes to an order that has already been confirmed.

Why are you sending a newsletter with weekly promotions when there are so few delivery time slots available?

Promotions and special offers are usually planned well in advance. Our suppliers have large quantities of products on promotion available in time for the promotion. We do not want to deprive our customers of these special offers when we have stock available.
Every day new delivery time slots are made available. For this reason, despite this exceptional situation, weekly promotions will continue, which we communicate as usual in our newsletter.

Which payment method should I choose?

To protect our customers and employees, we would like to encourage you to use our online payment options; credit card, PostFinance, TWINT or invoice. For the time being, using the "On site" payment method is discouraged, whenever possible when placing your order.

Is product availability guaranteed?

The availability of products is sustainably secured. We have had a pandemic plan for many years and are in close contact with the authorities. Ensuring a basic supply of food is our top priority.
Some products might be temporarily unavailable, but the situation is short lived as we receive new product deliveries every day. Our employees do their very best to ensure that shelves are stocked on a regular basis, as new products arrive. 

Delivery to your doorstep

  • Delivered within a given hour