Naturaplan Bio Kitchen Classics Box

A new and exclusive offer from coop@home: a carefully arranged vegetable box for your kitchen, containing only organic products.

Getting more veg into every meal.

Vegetables contain vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre which are important for staying healthy. They also contain on average 90% water, almost no carbohydrate and virtually no fat. So vegetables are an extremely low-calorie source of vitamins and fibre. For this reason the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health recommends we eat three portions of vegetables every day.

However it isn't all that easy to plan so many portions into a day, which is why it's a good idea to order a Naturaplan Organic Kitchen Classics Box from coop@home for you, or you and your family, so you always have the perfect vegetables for your meal. An exclusive selection specially for the kitchen helps you include more vegetables in your meals.

The Naturaplan Bio Kitchen Classics Box:

  • 3 kg fresh vegetables for only CHF 19.00
  • All vegetables are Swiss organic quality
  • A vitamin and nutrient-rich selection of vegetables perfect for your cooking pot, at the click of a button

Helping our environment: With the Bio Suisse and Naturaplan labels we are committed to sustainable farming and environmentally friendly processing and transport.

Contents of the current Naturaplan Organic Kitchen Classics Box:

Onions, ca. 250gSwitzerland
Floury Potatoes, ca. 500gSwitzerland
Celery, ca. 500gSwitzerland
Leek, ca. 350gSwitzerland
kohlraben, 2 piecesSwitzerland
Carrots, ca. 1kgSwitzerland

If one of the products listed above is not available, it will be replaced with one of the following items:

Their origin may vary from the one that is indicated, depending on the season, product availability and specific production during the transition to organic agriculture.

Delivery to your doorstep

  • Same-day delivery
  • Delivered within a given hour