Recycling PET and coop@home cardboard

Recycling couldn't be easier - simply give your empty PET bottles and cardboard to your coop@home driver. There is no charge for this.

Recycling empty PET bottles

  • Along with your coop@home order, add a bag for empty PET drinks bottles (from the "Free" section).

  • Fill the bag with empty PET bottles only (no bottles that contained oil, laundry detergents etc. and no other waste).

  • Collect your PET bottles and PET milk bottles in separate bags. Unfortunately, we can't accept any bags with a combination of PET drink bottles and PET milk bottles.

  • Squash the PET bottles as flat as possible.

  • Give the full PET bag to the coop@home driver when you receive your next delivery.

  • Order a new bag next time you shop at coop@home.

  • If your order is delivered by the Post, please put your empty PET bottles in used carrier bags, as full PET bags do not fit in the orange Post delivery boxes.

Return of coop@home cardboard and used carrier bags

  • Fold coop@home protective cardboard and carrier bags as tightly as possible, wrap a band around the compressed bundle and tie it tightly.

  • Give the entire bundle to the coop@home driver when you receive your next delivery.

Tip: You can also fill a used carrier bag with compressed cardboard and carrier bags and give it to the coop@home driver next time you receive a delivery.

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