Naturaplan Organic Seasonal Fruit Box

A new and exclusive offer from coop@home: a seasonally assembled fruitbox, containing only organic products.

Promoting seasonal eating.

There are many advantages to buying seasonal produce. Products that are in season often taste better because they have been harvested at the right time and have often been transported over a shorter distance. For fresh produce such as fruit and vegetables it is particularly worthwhile buying seasonally and adapting your diet as the seasons change. Seasonal fruit has a more intensive flavour, is juicier and often stays fresh longer, as it has been stored for only very short periods or not at all. It is fresher, of higher quality and contains more nutrients, so your diet is healthier and more nutritious. Buying seasonally also helps the environment and supports farmers, who are able to market their products during the main harvesting season.

With our Naturaplan Organic Seasonal Fruit Box you get top quality fresh and seasonal organic fruit. Have this vitamin-rich fruit delivered conveniently to your home or office when it is naturally ready for eating. Encouraging healthy and mindful eating.

The Naturaplan Organic Seasonal Fruit Box:

  • 3 kg fresh fruit for only CHF 20.00
  • All fruit is Swiss organic quality
  • Get a delivery of vitamin-rich seasonal fruit at the click of a button

Helping our environment: With the Bio Suisse and Naturaplan labels we are committed to sustainable farming and environmentally friendly processing and transport.

Contents of the current Naturaplan Bio Organic seasonal Fruit Box:

Kiwi, ca. 500gImport
Apples, ca. 1,5kgImport
Oranges, ca. 1kgImport


If one of the products listed above is not available, it will be replaced with one of the following items:

  • Blueberries
  • Plums
  • Abricots
  • Apple
  • Cherries
  • Lemons

Their origin may vary from the one that is indicated, depending on the season, product availability and specific production during the transition to organic agriculture.

Delivery to your doorstep

  • Same-day delivery
  • Delivered within a given hour