Storing salad

Salad is best stored unwashed in the fruit & vegetable drawer of your fridge. Limp leaves should be removed where possible to preserve the shelf life of the salad.

Salad should not be stored next to tomatoes or fruit as these produce the ripening hormone, ethylene. This causes the salad to develop brown marks and significantly reduces its shelf life.

If you accidentally prepare too much salad, you can easily store it in an airtight container in the fridge (fruit & vegetable drawer) until the next day. Unfortunately, salad that has already been coated with salad dressing cannot be stored and must be disposed of.

FoodStorage conditionsStorage period
Mixed salad in bags, already cutin the fridge
(fruit & vegetable drawer)
see use-by date
Leaf saladin the fridge
(fruit & vegetable drawer)
a few days
Lamb's lettuce, rocket, spinachin the fridge
(fruit & vegetable drawer)
a few days


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