Stock up on nappies

A new-born baby has its nappy changed six to eight times a day. That amounts to around 5,000-6,000 nappies until the child is potty trained. That's a lot of nappies! Make life easier for yourself and have your supply of nappies delivered straight to your door. This means you will have more time for your child and yourself – and as new parents, you can never have too much time. Nursery staff can also benefit from the practical nappy delivery service offered by coop@home.

Buy nappies for any age

Babies and young children are constantly growing and developing. And before you know it, your little new-born bundle of joy will have transformed into an active toddler. There are nappies to suit every stage of your little one's life. The nappy sizes are based on the weight of the child. The sizes labelled by the manufacturer are not standardized. Common sizes are as follows:

  • 0: Premature
  • 1: Newborn
  • 2: Mini
  • 3: Midi
  • 4: Maxi / 4+: Maxi Plus
  • 5: Junior / 5+: Junior Plus
  • 6: XXL / 6+: XXL Plus

To make it easier for you to find the right size when ordering nappies, you will find the respective weight category for each product in the article name. coop@home has nappies for youngsters of all ages. We're here to support you and your baby from the outset.

Nappies, training pants, swim nappies

Traditional nappies fasten at the front of the baby's tummy with two adhesive or Velcro fasteners. This means that you can fasten the nappy a little looser if your baby has a full tummy. The leg openings usually come with soft, stretchy elastic cuffs that don't cut in but still keep any leakages inside the nappy. These are captured by an absorbent liner and trapped securely inside the nappy. Modern disposable nappies are made of breathable materials that are kind to the skin, even when the nappy is full.

Bigger babies who are already somewhat mobile often don't like to lie down for long to have their nappy changed. This is where practical training pants come in. You can simply slip them on your child like a regular pair of pants. The elasticated waistband ensures a comfy fit without cutting in. To take them off, simply rip them open at the sides. You can also do this while your child is standing.

If you're taking your baby or child to the baths, they will need a special swim nappy. These look similar to training pants and are just as easy to slip on. However, they don't have an absorbent liner. They serve predominantly to catch any stools and prevent them from polluting the water. As such, they are obligatory for young children. So if your child is a water lover, make sure you always have a supply of these nappies at home.

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Which nappies do you prefer to buy? The traditional branded nappies or the less expensive alternatives? Or is sustainability and recyclability more important to you? At coop@home you'll find the right nappies to suit your requirements. Order nappies, wet wipes and nappy creams conveniently online and have all your baby changing accessories delivered straight to your door.