Molson Canadian Beer 6x35.5cl

CHF 16.95
Price per 100
7.96 /100cl

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6 x Bier

Molson Canadian Bier 6x35.5cl.


  • Ausländische Biere AG
  • CH-4144 Arlesheim
  • Phone: 061 706 55 22
  • Website:


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    Average rating: 5.0 of 5 5.0

    If a „two-four of Labatt‘s or Molson‘s beer“ make you think of a long weekend and a certain British monarch not named Elizabeth - you are Canadian! Therefor paying ridiculous prices for beer is normal and you should totally pay almost 3Sfr per bottle! .... for anyone else... there‘s a six-pack of Miller‘s for under 10Sfr on this list!