Beer – a multi-faceted classic

Sparkling, refreshing and aromatic, beer has enjoyed great popularity for centuries. While in the past, semi-finished bread dough was occasionally left to ferment with water in order to produce a type of beer, these days beer is almost always made with milled grain and water, and fermented with yeast. Hops and malt are the grains usually used in the production of beer. Whether a beer is bottom-fermented or top-fermented depends on the type of yeast used to make the beer. The alcohol is produced during the fermentation process – the percentage is usually between 4.5 and 6 percent. As beer is high in calories and starch, it was used often in the Middle Ages to supplement a rather sparse diet.

Buying beer: What types are there?

These days, there are countless different types of beer to choose from. Listed below are some of the most popular classics:

Pils: This is on the bitter side

  • Wheat beer: This beer has a spicy, fruity taste and contains a relatively high percentage of carbon dioxide
  • Pale: This is known for its strong flavour and pale colour


Here in Switzerland, there are also many alternatives: Whether you prefer the extra-strong Doppelbock, Kellerbier, Export, ale (popular in the UK) or a quality craft beer – the beer aisle in the supermarket has something to suit every taste. If you fancy something a little fruitier why not try a mixed beer drink. In addition to shandy, which is made with lemonade, there are many other types of mixed drinks. In terms of taste, alcohol-free beer is not too dissimilar from the more traditional types of beer. Alcohol-free wheat beer is isotonic and is therefore the drink of choice for many athletes after a workout. Alcohol-free beer is also a welcome alternative for drivers who don't want to miss out on the aromatic flavour of amber nectar.

Whether you're having a BBQ with friends, celebrating your birthday or simply enjoying a glass of beer with a savoury snack, there are many great reasons to buy delicious beer. Transport can be something of a challenge, however, especially if you're buying in bulk. A six-pack alone weighs 3 kg – and that's without the extra weight of the heavy glass bottles. Let alone the weight of multiple crates if you're buying for a big occasion. Without a car, lift or shop right next door, transport can soon turn into a stressful experience.

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