Chicco d'Oro

Caffè Chicco d'Oro Cuor Decaffeinated Coffee 10 Capsules

CHF 4.30
Price per 100
5.38 /100g

Product information

Freshness guarantee

Keeps for at least 30 days after receipt

Country of production

  • Switzerland


10 capsules of roasted and ground coffee


Single-dose capsules of coffee roasted and ground, decaffeinated

Caffé Chicco d'Oro Cuor d'Oro Decaf. 10 Kapseln.


Store in a dry and cool place.

Notes on use

  • Chicco d'Oro-Kapseln können nur in Espressomaschinen verwendet werden, die kompatibel mit dem exklusiv "Caffitaly System"" sind.
  • Chicco d'Oro capsules can only be used with machines compatible with the exclusive "Caffitaly System".


  • Caffé Chicco d'Oro di Eredi Rino Valsangiacomo SA
  • Via Giuseppe Motta 2, 6828 Balerna
  • Email:


  • Packed under protective atmosphere


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