Somat All-in-1 Extra Dishwasher Tabs 90 Pieces

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Somat Multi 10:
1. Cleaner - the powerful cleaning substances in Somat 10 reliably remove even stubborn dirt (such as starches such as noodles, rice, potatoes). Rinse aid - the integrated rinse aid effectively prevents the formation of water stains and thus ensures bright shine on dishes and glasses;
3. Salt function - the special salt substitutes actively bind lime in the rinse water and thus protect against deleterious deposits on dishes and glasses (until water hardness 21 ° dH / 35 ° fH;> 21 ° dH /> 35 ° fH see page "water hardness");
4. Stainless steel luster - on stainless steel cutlery there are often stains after the rinse so that you have to polish slowly. The integrated stainless steel luster ensures a shiny clean cutlery

5. Long-term glass protection - the long-term glass protection protects your glasses against glass corrosion - to keep your glasses longer than new (see cover); Cleaning enhancer - the cleaning enhancer helps to provide the most severe encrustations, e.g. Remove residues of glued scrambled eggs from pots and pans; Low temperature activator - Shiny clean dishes are available from 40 ° C onwards thanks to the low temperature activator. This saves glasses and dishes and you also save energy!
8. Odor neutralizer - the odor neutralizer effectively neutralizes unpleasant odors - for a fresh fragrance after each rinse; Extra-dry effect - helps the water to run evenly from the dishes;
10. Immediate active formula - thanks to the immediate active formula, the Somat Tab dissolves more quickly than before and can thus develop its powerful cleansing performance right from the start - in all washing


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