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Buy fish, mussels and shellfish online from the fish counter

coop@home offers fresh, top-quality fish and seafood from regional waterways, international fishing areas and certified aquacultures. Our buyers make sure that our fish is not only fresh but also healthy and tasty.

Market freshness and quality are a matter of course for coop@home.  Our trained professionals use their specialist expertise to buy in fresh fish and seafoood. We ensure that the quality level remains the same throughout the entire delivery process. Thanks to our intelligent cold chain, fish, mussels and shellfish all make it from the fish counter to our refrigerated delivery vehicles as quickly as possible. The goods are also packaged in special cool boxes. Our drivers are very well trained in all aspects of the delivery service and food hygiene, ensuring that the seafood and fish that you order online reaches you as quickly as possible and while still fresh.

Buy fresh fish online and bring variety to the table

Great news for fish lovers: Nutritionists not only recommend eating fruit and vegetables daily, but also fish at least once a week. Fresh fish is not only delicious and varied in terms of flavour, it also provides the body with important nutrients such as protein, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, among other things. It also contains the trace element selenium. Salt-water fish can even provide an ample supply of iodine, which is important for thyroid health. Fish also contains plenty of unsaturated fatty acids, including beneficial Omega 3 fatty acids.

Treat yourself to delicious, popular fish such as salmon, tuna or cod. We also stock unusual exotic varieties such as monkfish, ocean perch and turbot. Your plate will look even more remarkable if you choose from our range of mussels, molluscs and crustaceans. This range includes oysters, prawns and lobsters, as well as even more exotic seafood.

We also place great emphasis on seasonal fresh fish. This includes, for instance, Norwegian cod in the winter months, plaice in the spring and marinated grilled fish during the summer months. All fish is kept refrigerated and fresh, and is delivered straight to your door from our online fish counter.

Tip: Order a delicious bottle of white wine to accompany your fish and seafood. Excellent wines from regional and transregional wine-growing areas will add the perfect finishing touch to your fish dish. Don't forget to chill white wine in advance. It should be at a temperature of 10-12°C when you come to drink it. You can use a bottle cooler to keep the wine at the right temperature on the table.

Buy fresh fish and make it appealing to children

Children can enjoy fresh fish, too – it just has to be prepared in the right way. Parents know that fish is healthy for their children, but many kids turn their nose up simply at the smell. The soft texture and strong flavour of many types of fish are unusual for a child's palate. And then there's the fear of bones. In such cases, a little creativity is all that is needed.

For young children in particular, it helps if fish dishes look as little like fish as possible. Hide the fish in their favourite dishes and they will slowly get used to the flavour of proper fish. To begin with, try pancakes with smoked salmon, fish cakes, homemade crispy fish or spaghetti with fish bolognese. Our Recipe section contains lots of suggestions. There are also instructions to help you prepare your fish correctly.

Buy fish online at coop@home

Use the practical delivery service from coop@home to buy fresh fish. Simply select your preferred delivery date and have all the ingredients you need to make a delicious fish dish delivered straight to your door. We will give you a one-hour time slot during which our driver will deliver your order. This way you can make sure someone is home to receive the delivery. State-of-the-art delivery vehicles ensure that the cold chain is not broken during delivery and that your order arrives fresh and in perfect quality.

If you're always on the go, why not try out our coop@home apps for iOS and Android. Our apps make it quick and easy for you to order fish and other daily essentials while on the move. In addition to food, our range includes household products and toiletries. If you would prefer to place your order at the computer from the comfort of your own home, then this is also possible. Once you're in your personal account, the shopping basket in the app is automatically synchronized with the shopping basket in the Internet browser. This makes shopping at coop@home even more convenient. Try it out now!