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Order your meat online – as fresh as from the butcher

Meat lovers will regularly have high-quality butcher's meat on their plate. The freshness and quality is evident in the taste of the meat. You don't have to go to the butcher to get top-quality cuts, however. The quality and freshness of meat available at the service counters in our stores are also available online.

You can order your favourite meat as usual from our online fresh meat counter where you will find top-quality beef, veal, lamb and pork, as well as various types of poultry. Our professionals will portion the meat fresh in line with your requirements and prepare it for immediate transportation. Our online butcher also has a selection of meat available in tasty marinades – just in time for BBQ season.

Experience meat in all its deliciousness

Meat dishes are an integral part of traditional Swiss cuisine. This includes many different dishes – with pork as well as with beef, veal and lamb. If you prefer leaner cuts of meat, you should go for the schnitzel, fillet or rib. For a heartier dish, try a ham hock, neck steak, cutlet or joint. Veal and lamb are particularly tender.

Whether you want deep red beef, tender veal or streaky bacon, coop@home is committed to sourcing its products from certified production sites. As the majority of our meat comes from Switzerland, we can guarantee excellent quality and freshness.


Fresh poultry from the online butcher


Chicken or turkey meat not only brings variety to your plate, but is also very lean – the breast meat in particular contains very little fat. As such, poultry is the right choice for anyone wanting to follow a diet that is low in fat yet high in protein. Poultry meat also has the advantage of being very easy to prepare. It takes just a matter of minutes to prepare a chicken or turkey escalope. Make sure that the meat is white on the inside and cooked all the way through.

Poultry is one of those types of meat that tastes great in every conceivable form. So it's no surprise that there are so many poultry dishes worldwide for which this tender meat is prepared in many different ways. Experience the quality of our online butcher for yourself and be inspired by the different national cuisines to create new dishes.

Buy meat online and try out delicious recipes

When cooking for friends or family, most amateur cooks want to put their skills to the test. The quality of the meat is key. Buying meat on the Internet is a matter of trust. And our professionals know just how important it is not to break the cold chain when it comes to meat, fish and other fresh produce. Once the meat has been selected and portioned, it is immediately placed in a cool box and then transferred as quickly as possible to a refrigerated delivery vehicle. The meat can then be delivered immediately to your home. As soon as our driver has delivered your order, you can create a delicious meal for your loved ones.

If you need ideas for interesting meals, our extensive recipe collection is full of suggestions. In addition to meat dishes, the collection also includes recipes for starters, salads and desserts.

If you're not sure whether or not you'll have time to prepare fresh meat from the online butcher straight away, why not select something from our packaged fresh meat range instead. This meat is also top quality.

Buy meat at coop@home

The coop@home online shop stocks a comprehensive range of products that will take care of almost all of your daily needs: In addition to fresh groceries such as fruit and vegetables, meat, fish and cheese, we also offer frozen products, ready meals, sweets, snacks and drinks. Aside from groceries, coop@home also supplies other daily essentials such as toiletries and household products.


The wonderful thing about coop@home: You can order your shopping at home from the comfort of your own sofa and we will deliver your order straight to your door. This saves you having to queue and carry heavy bags! You can have your shopping delivered conveniently to your door on a day that suits you. Thanks to our practical coop@home apps for iOS or Android, you can also place your order easily while on the move. The apps allow you to order meat, fish and other products from coop@home, any time and anywhere.