Château d'Auvernier Pinot Noir Neuchâtel AOC

Pinot Noir

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Wine information


Drei-Seen-Region, Switzerland


Pinot Noir


Château d'Auvernier



Goes well with

Medium spicy dishes, pasta, mild cheese

Degustation notes

Youthful ruby red colour, a pleasant wild berry nose with cassis notes that dispels hints of yeast, medium bodied on the palate with lively expression, a harmonious structure with a rather light delicate fruitiness, slightly bitter at the finish.

Special notes

The Neuchatel vineyard covers 612 hectares. It has been proven that wine was already being produced as early as the time of the Romans. The first certified mention of a wine-growing culture in Neuchâtel is included in the founding document of the Bevaix Priory. The wine-growing area extends over 30 km along the shores of Lake Neuchâtel. Whites constitute 60% of the wine production. Besides the main Chasselas grape, Chardonnay is also grown, Pinot Gris and Riesling-Silvaner. 36% of the vineyard area is reserved for red, the only grape admitted is Pinot Noir. The municipality of Auvernier has 70 hectares of vineyard, mainly Chasselas. The Château d'Auvernier, with its 26 hectares, has been owned by the Grosjean family since 1603.

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Original packaging

Box of 6


Natural cork


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