Nes Passito di Pantelleria Duca di Castelmonte DOC


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Wine information


Sizilien, Italy




Cantine Pellegrino



Goes well with

Pastries, creams, dried fruit

Degustation notes

Dark golden yellow colour, a naturally sweet wine made from dried grapes, interesting aromas of dried fruit and notes of candied fruit, with dominant aromas of orange peel, pleasant sweetness on the attack, good concentration, nutty, balanced with homogeneous acidity and a long, very aromatic finish.

Special notes

Situated between Sicily and the Tunisian coast, Pantelleria is famous for its Muscat, wine made from Alexandrian Muscat, called zibibbo (from the Arabic "zabib"", which means raisins) in these countries. Passito is the generic Italian term used to describe a wine made from dried grapes (air or sunlight). Derived from the adjective ""appassito"" (Fr. fané, appassire = faner, appassimento = fanage, séchage). In Italy, this method of vinification is ancestral, since wine called ""passum"" was already produced in ancient Rome. Passito (raisin wine) is akin to straw wine due to the similar drying technique used. It can vary from one grower to another, either the grapes are left on the foot of the vine, or they are dried once picked. In this case, the bunches are hung on racks or wooden slats, or spread on straw or reed mats.

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Box of 12


Natural cork


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    Vin de caractère - Très agréable vin avec des arômes très intéressants. Vins très agréable avec une bonne tranche de panettone par exemple !