Graf von Spiegelberg Riesling-Silvaner Hallauer AOC

Riesling x Silvaner

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Wine information


Ostschweiz, Switzerland


Riesling x Silvaner


Weinkellerei Rahm



Goes well with

Appetizers, tapas, grilled fish, vegetable dishes, asparagus, cold dishes

Degustation notes

A superb floral bouquet that reveals notes of white lilac, a pleasantness on the palate, nice balance in a surge of delicate aromas, pleasant and agreable with mineral notes that accompany the long finish.

Special notes

Jakob Rahm, a winemaker from Klettgau in Schaffhausen, decided in 1928 to adopt new viticulture methods and to commercialize hisgrape harvest and wine production. Seventeen years later, in 1945, he produced, for the first time, 3,000 liters of alcohol-free grape juice using an artisanal method, thus laying the foundation for the field. After the death of Jakob Rahm, his sons, Emil and Robert, took over the family business in 1969. The marketing of """Graf von Spiegelberg,"""" considered to be the Hallauer winery's flagshipproduct in 1959. According to recent findings, the Riesling-Sylvaner name listed on the bottle is not quite accurate. Genetic studies have shown that this particular combination is actually the result of a cross between Riesling and Chasselas (more precisely, between Riesling and Royal Madeleine grapes). The law still allows for the use of the old designation.

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