Lambrusco Rosso Riunite Amabile Emilia IGT

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Emilia-Romagna, Italy


Cantina Riunite

Goes well with

Italian cooking, pizza, tortellini, hearty dishes or any time for a refreshing drink

Degustation notes

Ruby colour with violet nuances, fresh, fruit juice notes, aromas of strawberry and grenadine on the nose, slightly sparkling on the attack, pronounced sweetness, a dominance of berries and discreet bitterness at the finish.

Special notes

This very old red grape is a variety of the Vitis Vinifera Silvestris and was probably already cultivated by the Etruscans. The Roman writer Cato the Elder (234-149 B.C.) designated it as "Trecenaria"" (three hundred) because it produces 300 amphorae of wine per ""Jugerum"" (a quarter of a hectare). This extraordinary performance and robustness are still evident. This grape variety is rich in acidity and mainly prevalent in the Italian region of Emilia-Romagna, but also in Lombardy, Puglia, Basilikata, Piedmont, Sicily and Trentino-South, Tyrol. There are about 60 sub-varieties with various names and synonyms, the most frequent are: Lambrusco Grasparossa, L. Maestri, L. Marani, L. Montericco, L. Salamino, L. Sorbara and L. Viadanese. In Lombardy, rather than Lambrusco, the appellation is called Grappello. In Argentina, there is a grape variety called Lambrusco Maesini. The native variety in Trentino, is Lambrusco a Foglia Frastagliata (also Enantio) is not related, according to Burton Anderson. The equation often applied ""Lambrusco = sparkling wine"" is false, because non sparkling wines are also vinified from this grape. But in Italy, fruity Spumante (sparkling) orFrizzantes are produced. Formerly, these sparkling were made to be mass produced and were what everyone drank, all the time, in Italian cafés. They were even packaged in aluminum cans to increase sales in the United States, to compete with Coca-Cola.

Alcohol content


Allergy info

contains: sulfit

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Country of production

  • Italy


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  • Postfach 2550, 4002 Basel
  • Phone: 0848 888 444


Average rating: 4.0 of 5 21 ratings and 8 reviews

  • from on
    Average rating: 3.0 of 5 3.0

    ist nicht schlecht

  • from on
    Average rating: 4.0 of 5 4.0

    Ottimo come aperitivo per le serate calde

  • from on
    Average rating: 4.0 of 5 4.0

    Children's Booze, in a delightful way - A lovely, refreshing drink on a hot day, a cold day or any day in-between. Light on alcohol, this drink is fizzy, berry-flavored wonderful.

  • from on
    Average rating: 5.0 of 5 5.0

    "Bettmümpfeli" - Guter Wein am Abend vor dem schlafen

  • from on
    Average rating: 5.0 of 5 5.0

    toller frauenwein - sorry, Männer dürfen ihn natürlich auch geniessen !

  • from on
    Average rating: 5.0 of 5 5.0

    Frais et rafraichissant - Je trouve ce vin particulièrement agréable avec les beaux jours, il est frais et c'est un régale.

  • from on
    Average rating: 2.0 of 5 2.0

    Mässig - Der Wein hat für mich persönlich zu wenig Körper, hat einen süss Stich und perlt mir zu wenig. Er hat nichts mit den Erinnerungen zu tun an den Wein, den ich kürzlich einmal in Modena getrunken habe. Falls ich wieder einmal Lust auf einen Lambrusco habe, probiere ich lieber einen anderen aus.

  • from on
    Average rating: 4.0 of 5 4.0

    WIrklich nicht schlecht - Sehr fruchtig aber doch leicht Herb. Für den Preis kann man echt nichts sagen! Würde diesen Schaumwein zu jeder Zeit wieder kaufen.