Valais AOC Dôle Sélection 1291

Pinot Noir, Gamay

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Wallis, Switzerland


Pinot Noir, Gamay





Goes well with

Valais platter, entrées, dried meat, hors-d'œuvres

Degustation notes

Mature ruby colour, a pleasant Pinot nose with notes of ripe berries anddelicate spices, a typical round Dole, hints of ripe berries and softness in the mouth, balanced flavours, a refined body with good tannins at the finish.

Special notes

Specially labelled bottle with the Rütli oath from 1291. The moon was high in the sky and the white band of the Milky Way lay across the sky just above Lake Lucerne. The light breeze descending from the Gotthard could hardly be felt. It rippled the surface of thewater and played with the reflection of the moon in the night. The jagged peaks of the mighty mountains of Uri and Schwyz pointing majestically into the sky. A cathedral silence reigned. Men and beasts slept. Only a small fire burned on the Rütli, surrounded by forests. There, some men were watching, lit by a flickering light. They spoke little. Attentive, they strained their ears in the direction of the lake. Sometimes Walter Fürst rose and walked, deeply absorbed in his own thoughts, towards the edge of the meadow wherethe view plunged to Brunnen. Lit by the moon, his white hair shone like snow on a glacier. Sounds of oars striking the water rose from the lake. Schwyz friends approached. They landed with their two boats and climbed the steep path leading to the secret place in the Rütli prairie. From Yberg, they lent a hand to old Konrad Hunn who struggled on shaky legs. Walter Fürst went to meet the men and o ffered an intense handshake to his dear friend Werner Stauffacher. Once up, they went to the fire where they greeted their friendswith restrained shouts of joy. Soon, other men emerged from the forest. Their heads were covered with the hoods on their shepherd'scamisoles, and they held gnarled sticks in their hands. The men were from Unterwalden. They had left their farms in the early evening, led by the young Arnold to the secret place. Tired yet happy, they sat by the fire. After that they all were greeted and introduced to Werne.

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contains: sulfit

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Box of 6


Natural cork

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  • Switzerland


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  • Postfach 2550, 4002 Basel
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