Zeni Recioto della Valpolicella classico DOC

Rondinella, Molinara, Corvina

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Wine information


Venetien, Italy


Rondinella, Molinara, Corvina


Cantina Zeni



Goes well with

Prosciutto and melon, dried meat, cakes, candied fruit

Degustation notes

Cherry colour, a spicy bouquet with oxidatif notes of stone fruit, cinnamon, prunes, dynamic, complex fruitiness, soft on the palate, concentrated fruit, blackberry syrup, little acidity, very supple, well integrated tannins with a long fruity finish.

Special notes

The clusters of Valpolicella grapes that are selected are harvested in early October and dried for up to 3 months in small boxes onstraw beds or shelves. Weight loss is about 25 to 40% of the initial weight, which concentrates the sugar and extracts. The grapes are pressed in January. The classic Recioto has a concentrated bittersweetness, as opposed to the Amarone that is very dry. For an Amarone, the minimum duration of vinification in barrels is three years but this period is not regulated for a Recioto.

Alcohol content


Allergy info

contains: sulfit

Drinking temperature

10 - 12°C

Optimum maturity


Original packaging

Box of 12


Natural cork

Finishing process

Large wooden cask

Country of production

  • Italy


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  • Postfach 2550, 4002 Basel
  • Phone: 0848 888 444


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